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The firm was founded in the beginning of 1938 by Lee Byung-chul in South Korea. The headquarters are in Seoul and the very location where the buildings are is called Samsung town. Now the company is well known worldwide. This brand is now able to sell best products everywhere. That is why with we decided to sell products of the Korean firm in Africa and especially in Kenya. In our Shop online, you will be able to find best Samsung phones, LED and Samsung TV, cameras and many others at a very low price.

Samsung Electronics and Products Currently Available Online

The company managed to fend off the crisis with style, becoming one of the biggest brands in the IT market, able to clash even with Apple. The Galaxy mobile phone series is often considered the direct comparison to the iPhones. Their smartphones obtained a deserved position on the market for phones, outrunning brands such as Nokia and Sony. Here in Kenya, most appreciated smartphones are the Galaxy Duo and the Samsung S4 Mini. The company also holds a stable position on the laptop and tablet market thanks to its famous Galaxy Note 3 for example. Now the firm is gaining speed in Kenya where you can found many Samsung shops and dealers to buy your dreaming electronic products.

The Best of the Best

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is currently the latest flagship a new-generation smartphone that is still unrivalled. It was announced in March and set to be released in April 2017. It has a large screen, works faster than the others on the market and is visually liked by both men and women. With it and the other newcomer in the list, the Galaxy Note 2 tablet, Samsung Electronics sets a new standard on the IT field, promising even better quality and looks for the future. Many people claim that the brand no longer offers business phones and cheaper products for the masses. Fighting this theory is the Galaxy Ace from 2011. It is able to do everything that other mobile phones from the smart family can, but costs much less than the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. And the product line of the Samsung Galaxy Ace also developed over time. Although the company is huge worldwide, it is still gaining speed on the Kenyan market. Buy online your favorite smartphones and tablets at affordable prices - Kenya has everything you need.